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Chris Talbot is a world renowned golf course photographer. Golf photo assignments have taken Chris to 3 continents which is testimony to the different landscapes of this sport.
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Chris Talbot has been aiming his lens at beautiful brides for more than 10 years. Chris is Tahoe's local wedding photographer. Please call for pricing
Lake Tahoe
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Think of early morning glass on the lake being cut by a lone speedboat. The joy of a day at the beach with your favorite doggy. Or an early winter blanket of snow brings life and economy to the basin of Tahoe. Sixteen ski resorts sit perched on the sugar coated mountains that surround this truly beautiful body of water.
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Vietnam stands with open arms to those who wish to soak up its beauty and great cultural elements. Welcome to Vietnam, possibly the most friendly country in Asia.
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The mecca of all travel. The friendly people, the fabulous food, temples, islands and tropical beaches..Oh yes, and the nightlife. Thailand is a must for the true traveler.
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Venture into a land of exotic islands, deserted white sand beaches, and home to the largest religious complex in the world…
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The oldest nation in the world. CHINA is so BIG. China is so fast. Mix that with its Great History and you have a Journey not a Vacation. Welcome to the Future. Welcome to China.
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The Las Vegas of Asia meets old Europe charm in this ex colony of Portugal.
Hong Kong
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The island of Hong Kong and the peninsula of Kowloon. Two worlds collide in the city of all cities.
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Like a well oiled machine, japan's everyday life moves soooo smoothly. From transportation to dining and there beyond all seem to happen without efffort. Futuristic yet traditional japan is "the far east"
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Two degrees north of the equator lies singapore. The southernmost point of the continent of asia is a city/nation that stands literally at the crossroads of many cultures. At times it is hard to remember what country your in. The merlion awaits.
Costa Rica
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A rich paradise of jungles, volcanoes, birds and flowers - pancaked between the beautiful breaking surf of the Pacific ocean and the colorful character of the Caribbean coastline. The capital of San Jose can feel at times a bit European.
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A Tropical paradise! Hundreds of islands, Dolphins, Monkeys and Red Frogs. Boca Del Toro was the resting point and hangout of many a Pirate. AARRR!
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Probably the most diverse and most beautiful state in the union. The coast, Yosemite, the sierra, redwoods and San Francisco. California here i come!
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Beautiful...Hawaii. America's paradise! Aloha, Mahalo, Aloha!
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The battleborn state and home to gambling. Don't forget that Nevada has the most mountain ranges of all the 50 states.
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Eating food is one of the great pleasures in life. I know too well. Eating in other countries is not only a cultural experience... It is a tasty proposition. "Waiter!" "Check please."
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In my travels i have met so many different people from many different cultures. Never do i see the same face twice. Each person has character of their own. Something makes me want to photograph them…
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Small but very beautiful life forms are captured from everywhere on earth. Using a Nikkor 55mm Micro Lens, a Tripod (my assistant), and a tough set of knees, i bring this world to view. "It's a small world" after all.
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Relax while looking at these spa images.
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Chris has over the years refined his skils in many aspects of photography. This enables him to work for many of the world's finest resorts!
  Real Estate & Architecture
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Real Estate and Architecture.
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Chris has been photographing people for many years. Call Chris for any Family, Senior, or Personal Portraiture.

Published Work
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Chris Talbot's images have found their way to the covers of many different publications.
  Semester at Sea 1988
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Early travel photography by Chris. Thirteen Countries in 130 Days on a 300 ft Boat. My introduction to World Travel. What a Ride!
  Chris Talbot
World Traveler

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Vacations are great but to Travel is to emerge yourself in the life of the country your in. My job is wonderful. I get to travel the globe, Photograph what interests me. Show others, who are not able to go, People, Places, and Things from the other side of life.
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North, South, East, West, up, down and all around. Trans pacific here, trans atlantic there, trans continent everywhere. Follow the jetstream to your next destination. Fly the friendly skies with Chris Talbot World Traveler. A window seat with a view from 40,000 feet.

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